Bring a Problem Session

Our reading group on 10th November 2022 was chaired by Emily Smith.

Instead of our usual Reading Group, this week we are trying something different: a Problem Group. In this session, each person has 5-15 minutes (depending on how many people turn up!) to discuss a problem that has been puzzling them in their research and we can all respond with suggestions and solutions. For example:

  • How do I reference [insert crazy thing here]?
  • Does anyone know anything about [early modern music/werewolves/obscure point of law]?
  • Which research databases are useful for x…?
  • Does this sentence/paragraph in my writing make sense? 

If you would like to send your problems in advance – either for someone else to read out (anonymously or no!) or to get a first opinion – please feel free to email us. We hope that this session will be a very relaxed and friendly, albeit slightly Poirot-esque, brainstorming and, hopefully, successful solution-finding space!