Pet Members


Snug the Joiner is currently the acting research assistant to Anna Hegland, a position she has held for approximately 6 months. Snug’s primary duties include being very cute, nibbling the corner of Anna’s laptop, and playing with spare bits of paper. She can usually be found doing a good big stretch in her desk bed.


Catsby is a regular attendee at Revels Office Zooms where he is well-known for his spectacular tail. He takes his role as Rachel’s research assistant very seriously and is nearly always at his post on the chair by her desk. When he is not working, Catsby enjoys meowing, eating, and playing with his favourite toy fish. 


Leo performs communications quality control, adding random punctuation and strings of letters to the email correspondence of Sophia Richardson. On occasion, he will also email total nonsense to her advisors by walking on her keyboard when she isn’t looking. He can’t help you right now, as he is terribly busy dreaming up places to hide toy mice, but feel free to come back later (when he’ll also be napping). 


Lyra (interim office manager) oversees the distribution of office supplies, primarily by throwing them onto the floor. She takes particular pride in her prowess at chasing pens, glue sticks, and anything else that rolls behind the couch, where Sophia cannot reach them. She could assist you, but she would prefer not to.