Padlet Guide

Welcome to our Revels Office forum! You can use the padlet page to share whatever you’re focused on right now: whether that’s research progress, new ideas, frustrations, reading recommendations, or pet photos.

The top post (in green) always contains up-to-date zoom links but you can also join our mailing list to receive updates.

Padlet is fairly intuitive, but let us know if you’d like any guidance. The padlet blog contains useful guides, including formatting posts and setting up notifications. You can receive notifications in the app, but the desktop version just has notifications for your own posts.

Where to start?

You’ll need to create a (free) account so that you can post/comment (otherwise you’ll be posting anonymously).

You can start commenting, liking, or creating posts whenever you like. You might like to create a post introducing yourself and your research (introductions are the green posts).

We check in every Monday morning inviting people to comment with their goals and plans for the week.

Further information

You can invite any other early modern PhD students or early career researchers who might benefit from this forum.

We want to keep this space private, so please don’t share the link or content elsewhere online.

This is a low-pressure environment: you can check in once a day or once a year – we’re always here for whatever you need.

Contact us (Anouska and Sierra) if you have any queries.